Our History!

Here I want to introduce myself and the story of my dog something more accurate!


I, Nina, I'm from the beautiful Lower Rhine and everyone who knows me knows that I just "dog crazy" bin: D (as some call it).


Age of 7, I was an absolute dog fan and could pass on any dog!

With 8 years I had my first Leihhund "Urmel" from the neighborhood, which I have carried out regularly for a walk.

Urmel, a small mongrel time just under 5 years old, has uncanny taught me a lot!

With him I only discovered my preference for dogs so right!

Since that time already I was my parents in my ears, I want a dog, I would like a dog! But how then unfortunately is always ...:



"Yes, Yes, ... and yesterday you wanted to a rabbit ... then 3 Days to date and then work up to us and we do not want a dog!"


So I had willy-nilly to plunge with neighboring dogs ...

Three years later, when my parents realized Mist listening not to drammen on and the dogs from the neighborhood brings them also still EVERY day, the point where my continuous consequence in drammen finally gained a foothold came: D


I erinner too well the day, I will probably NEVER forget!


Grandma came as so often to visit, not to play with me and my sister Ludo.

Mom then asked if they could provide us with their own leave, as they would like to drive just shopping.

(What everything was completely normal, but then came the crux!)

Whereupon Dad said, oh, you know what, I'm having!


(PAPA is still above NIIIIIIEEEE !!! drove with shopping)


This struck me before very funny!


Approximately 1.5 hours later, both came back inside ... of course WITHOUT purchases what my suspicion that something is wrong indeed confirmed!


Mama came into the kitchen and said, Nina, we need to tell you something!

(I must confess, I was in the moment really uncomfortable!)


"We have a good and bad news for you, what you want to hear first?"


I: "the good"


"We have bought you a dog - Before you say what now, shall we go?"


I could not answer, but only nod in the moment when me the joy has so overrun that I cried espite and water with joy: D

So we are back!

The small was just three days old ( it is suspected that the bitch has brought the puppies very mysterious in a gutter to the world and they probably only found 1-2 days later ! )


The bad news was that I went to pick up time point exactly 3 weeks at a holiday camp to Austria and so unfortunately could not share with Laika , the first weeks .


But egaaaaal , so I came up with 11 years finally on my first own dog !


After I came back from vacation , began the puppy / young dog school , I made alone with Laika .


When Laika was then almost a year old, you had asked me in the club if I did not like would have to work with her on.


Thus I came to the THS , I still operate to this day love to !


Long then lived on the desire of a second dog in me.


At times I bridged the time then with all Leihhunden or vacation care dogs.

But the request was getting bigger and bigger, but unfortunately turned again the problem is that my parents NO WAY a second wanted.


Now came the time of my statement and immediately was clear to me, now comes the second!


So I went in search of what I want for as well.

With Laika as a Border Collie Mix I naturally found the perfect / sly dog sports, something in the direction I wanted to definitely go back.

However, it was clear to me immediately, it should be a male and he should be slightly larger.


For quite a while I was attracted to the two longhair Collies a Hundeplatz girlfriend, but who definitely too much wool!


One day, this to me and said: "Look Nina, there are also short-haired" (and showed me a picture on the Internet)


Then I went in the evening to look through the net.

Pretty soon I landed on the website of "Kalalassies" a shorthair breed Collie from the Stuttgart area (see internet links)


I immediately contacted the contact and promptly even in the same evening I got a really fascinating, long, informative mail back that has been previously totally convinced me really. Like the great information and information of the website.

After a bit of mail exchange back and forth, I was even invited to a Kalalassie- "puppy" meetings to come and watch me everything.

I have gladly accepted and went there in March 2013 with Laika!


Conclusion: There were all more than exceeded expectations!

The people, the dogs that residential area, rearing, everything was perfect!

Thus, it was clear to me, it is to be a Kalalassie!

First of Maja litter had been taken for the beginning of 2014 in the eye, on the one hand, the expected heat of female bee might have been too early for me (because the apartment would have possibly not been available) and on the other I understood it had that the union is already booked to interested parties for now.


Thus, I took aim at a puppy for, 2014.

Then bee my mind was still only "quite" late in heat, so that the time would have passed, but I yes lt. Probably had to wait.


One evening when re-browse the website I saw an amazing comment of breeder:



" Biene is in season - we are looking for prospective dog ! "


Then I contacted them immediately ! - With success!

She was just as much the I reported how I me that it nevertheless already should rather work now !


Thus, we were shaking with , in the trip to Sweden to the stud , the ultrasound , at birth , to the selection of puppies , etc.


( All of which I have not experienced at Laika , but now determined by how amazing and fascinating this experience is to be from the beginning ! )


Thus we arrived at Conner :) - Kalalassies forty -six golden hugs !


More info about him and the development there on his side !